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    Shipping & Returns

    Delivering to below areas:

    1. Mountain House
    2. Tracy

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    Order Processing & Delivery

    In-Store/Curbside Pickup

    Once the order is placed and processed, you will be contacted via email/phone when the order is ready for pickup. We may contact you if you are interested in getting a replacement for any unavailable items in your order.


    All Orders should be placed by end of the day Tuesday. Orders will be processed and delivered on Wednesday. We may contact you if you are interested in getting a replacement for out of stock items.


    Q: Is there any minimum order for free delivery?

    Yes, a minimum order of $30 is required for Free Delivery. 

    Q: How much is the delivery fee if my order doesn’t meet minimum?

    For the delivery orders below $30, a fee of $5.00 is assessed. 

    Q: What if an item is not available?

    One of our friendly store representative will contact you to get a replacement. If you do not want a replacement, you can ask us to remove the item that is unavailable.

    Q: Is there any fee for In-Store/Curbside Pick Up?

    There is no fee for In-Store Pick Up. Place an order and stop by our store when you are notified.

    Q: How can I get a refund for missing items?

    When your delivery arrives, if you notice an item is missing from your order, please let us know what products are missing at within 24 hours of the delivery. 

    Q: What happens if a product is damaged?

    Please share the pictures of the damaged products with us at within 24 hours of the delivery. If the image that you send proves the product to be damaged, we will refund the amount for the damaged product as in-store credit for you which you can use while you shop next time at You will be notified by email once the amount is refunded.

    Q: Why is my credit card charged different amount than my order total?

    When you place your order, instead of immediately charging your card, we place a temporary hold for order total at checkout. We place this authorization hold in case your total turns out to be higher/lower due to added items, replacement items, or weight adjustments. After the order is complete, the hold will drop off, and your card will be charged for the final total as shown in the final receipt. The final charge will appear on the statement after order completion.